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Product design work by Daniel Hayrapetian

Currently in Los Angles, CA working as a senior digital product designer at Therabody.


App for wellness and fitness recovery | Integrating RecoveryAir


Modern eCommerce for content publishers

Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA)

Patient care platform for cancer treatment

Reviews of my work

Daniel exceeded my expectations for the role. He has been able to accomplish any design task handed to him whether it be a small landing page or large feature update. Having worked here for nearly a year now, he understands how the team operates and knows what levers to pull in order to accomplish his goals. I am excited to see him explore pre/post processes of design including more a/b testing, and qualitative user testing.

Director at Therabody

What Daniel could do was amazing. It's hard to find talent like this. I’m super confident this [redesign] is a game changer for how we pitch ourselves. I’m really geeking out. I actually had goosebumps as i was looking at it. it feels special. it feels meaningful. It feels like a leap forward.

CEO of StackCommerce

I have been hugely impressed with the level of talent and do not think there is a remote chance I would have pulled off as ambitious of a project in such a condensed timeline. We interviewed dozens of patients validating and critically invalidating components of our thesis that I feel could have only bene done with a team deeply experience in the prototyping process.

Head of Product at CTCA

Daniel is just such a great listener, curious and he comes up with great ideas! I wasn’t sure how all of these use cases would look in my head. This is beautiful!

VP of Product at SAG AFTRA

We liked what we saw and it went far beyond what we imagined.

Founder of Allyles

You should be proud. I’ve been in SW a long time and that’s an insane amount of progress this week.

Co-Founder of Jobscore