Modern eCommerce For Content Publishers

Modern eCommerce Design System & Platform For Content Publishers

Techologies Used: Figma

The Challenge

A pioneer in the early years of online commerce, DealHub made a name for itself with unique product bundle sales at large discounts. Over the years, their perceived trustworthiness amongst prospective content publisher clients was decreasing and leaving money on the table as they weren’t able to convince them to use the DealHub platform.

We identified opportunities with a modernized brand direction and ubiquitous design system to work across the various publishers.

What We Did

We created a new minimalist brand direction and atomic design system that helped sell the DealHub platform more easily to new publishers. It also focused on created a more upscale feel for users so they would trust the brand quality more. Also page designs were wildly inconsistent, so crafting a new design system helped their engineers in scaleability and created a cohesive user experience.

Key Research insight

We focused on improving the look and feel while increasing transparency by simplifying how each product type is visually presented. Through some user tests we found that this visual improvement was an effective way to convince them that the product is more credible.

The Result

DealHub took the new design system and interfaces to their engineer team to be implemented. They are doing a slow roll-out for their major launch date Black Friday 2020.

Through new ideas, iteration and testing we were able to deliver more value to both the business and user end, and allowing DealHub to increase revenue and by closing more deals with content publishers that see their platform as modern and something they want their brand to be a part of.

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