Best-in-Class Platform Redesign For Healthcare

First-Class Platform Redesign For Healthcare & Retirement

Technologies Used: Figma, HTML, CSS

The Challenge

The Ease team identified that a large number of company resources were going to helping people either figure out how to use their online benefits portal or giving them that information that was available online but to people who were unable to figure out the system.

By quickly gaining an understanding of their system’s breakpoints, customer concerns, ideating solutions, testing them and iterating on them, we were able to help the Ease team bring their new benefits manager to life.

What We Did

A new benefits manager portal that solved a lot of major user and system issues including account creation, password reset, navigation, easy to understand health care eligibility, and an optimized earnings view that allowed users to both pension and health earns quickly.

Key Research insight

Through user interviews we found people were scared of the platform. It was so archaic looking and information dense, that they often gave up quickly before trying to figure out how to use the platform. We took this insight and a developed a more inviting and contrast heavier feel to the site, and making it unintuitive to easily know their eligibility, enrollment status, and more.

The Result

Ease currently is in development and has seen great excitement and approval amongst all their internal teams including stakeholders and internal topic experts.

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