Fungi Perfecti

Health supplement leader re-platforming to a simpler eCommerce cart.

Having an already strong customer base, Fungi Perfecti was looking to re-platform from a custom eCommerce cart into something simpler and more effective. We redesigned their whole store in half their projected timeline and saved them a ton of expenses.

Figma, Shopify, Cart2Cart, HTML, CSS, Liquid

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Brand Challenges

Fungi Perfecti is the leader in the mushroom supplement world ith their flagship product HostDefense. This was their parent site that revolved the world of growing mushrooms as supplements. They were on a very old eCommerce cart which made navigation, product finding, and conversion really cumbersome.

Design Solutions

The big wins came from implementing a lot of best-practices for their specific business and industry which included highly organized megamenus, lots of entry points into product categories from the homepage, and a robust search and filtering system for customers to find exactly what they're looking for.

Overall Impact

Fungi Perfecti saw a massive uptick in sales, conversions, and engagement on site. An overall increase of revenue and conversion rate nearly doubling was a big win for the whole team and their customer base was much happier.

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