eCommerce Beauty Leader needed to stand out and differentiate.

eCommerce Beauty Leader needed to stand out and differentiate.

Technology: Figma

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Brand Challenges

GlamGlow came to us with having really strong sales at Sephora and other retail stores, but struggling to understand why they weren't converting sales online. The only way they saw a spike in sales was through running promos and they didn't want to keep doing that. We were tasks with making the online experience more compelling.

Design Solutions

We identified a main fault of the site was in it's messaging and presentation of the product's amazing ingredients and fun applications. We implemented some more modern best practices of larger imagery, creative overlapping layouts, bolder typography, and video-forward product pages. We presented and created moodboards and mobile and desktop mockups for their engineering team to implement.

Overall Impact

We saw that users preferred and understood our mocks better than their current mocks through user testing, and the they were more likely to make a purchase after spending time on the page. This was a huge win for them in terms of engagement. GlamGlow is still in the process of implementing the designs in a slow-roll-out format.

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