Bringing Together A Design System For Recruiters

Bringing Together A Design System For Recruiters

Technologies Used: Figma, React, Storybook, Rebass, Emotion Styled Components

The Challenge

A well-established enterprise applicant tracking system wanted to take advantage of a major competitor, Google Hire, sunsetting their product.  Unfortunately, after 15 years in business, a lot of design debt had been accumulated. JobOffer wanted to create modern design system to support the sales process, and inspire confidence to buy.

The existing application had thousands of users, so our solution needed to help the JobOffer offshore team make the transition in a series of carefully-orchestrated steps.

What We Did

In 8 weeks, we defined an atomic style system, established the designer-developer toolchain, and got their whole team working in the new framework. Product strategy, design system design, product design, front-end engineering, coaching and training an offshore design team

Key Research insight

We focused on improving the look and feel while increasing transparency by simplifying how each product type is visually presented. Through some user tests we found that this visual improvement was an effective way to convince them that the product is more credible.

The Result

Enterprise application refreshed with material UI (MUI) and modern front end (React). Team has enough knowledge to continue independently extending and enhancing style system (Figma, Storybook)

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