This Saves Lives

A new design to support their subscription & giveback model.

This Saves Lives B2C More than a snack bar company, This Saves Lives needed better conversions rates and a simpler checkout experience.

Technology: Shopify, Figma, Bold Subscriptions, HTML, CSS

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Brand Challenges

This Saves Lives (TSL) wanted higher average order values, and to fix and accomplish a few things: 1. to feature their subscription model more prominently, 2. they had seen through analytics that cart abandonment was high and wanted to lower it, and 3. they had feedback from customers that it was cumbersome to purchase different flavors quickly.

Design Solutions

We implemented a build-a-box subscription feature that allowed users to choose which flavors they wanted all from one screen, and also gave them the ability to easily swap flavors mid-subscription. We also created designs that followed mobile-first best-practices for their site, and layouts that put their beautiful imagery on display in a way they hadn't done before.

Overall Impact

TSL saw an increase in average order value consistently grow over the following months post-launch. AOV increased, overall cart conversions improved, and abandon cart rates improved as well due to the implementations.

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