Patient Care Plaform For Cancer Treatment

Patient Care Plaform For Cancer Treatment

Technologies Used: Figma, Storybook, React, Rebass, Emotion Styled Components

The Challenge

The current healthcare system is broken for navigating cancer care journey and WeCare aimed to create a cancer care tech platform connecting dots of oncology ecosystem to provide 24/7 end-to-end patient care.

Over 10 weeks, we helped WeCare focus on chat and symptom management for the MVP, validate our assumptions and design sprints with 3 rounds of research.

What We Did

We conducted 4 rounds of research and spoke to 9 former cancer patients (including one who is a nurse and care coordinator) and our advising care coordinator from WeCare. The primary goal of the MVP to determine how best to help patients stay in regular contact with their care team and help them facilitate a level of self-management care.

Key Research insight

What we found across the board was that patients needed to know what’s happening, when, and why at all times, and they welcomed a platform that was helpful and comprehensive like this. One user said, “[It’s good to know] that somebody else is watching and knowing what is going on.” As a result, The app linked patient and care team during the patient’s entire cancer journey and guide them every step of the way, especially when they are on their own.

The Result

Launched MVP with chat functionality that connects to a live nurse admin backend they can pilot with their partner cancer treatment clinics. This also allowed WeCare to successfully raise more money from investors for a series A.

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